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"To provide weatherization services, build high-quality affordable housing, "Strengthening neighborhoods by using energy efficient and cost-saving measures repair existing housing, and improve quality of life for low to moderate income residents of Knoxville and Knox County."

In The News:

"Qualifying Knox County residents can get free home weatherization." -Jason Estes, director of housing and energy services interviewed 1/25/2010. Full Story

About Housing and Energy Services

Emergency Home Repair Program

This is a county-wide program that provides emergency home repairs in cooperation with the City of Knoxville community development programs. This service enables people to stay in their homes and to remain independent. Applicants must meet income and other eligibility requirements.

Weatherization Assistance Program

The Weatherization Assistance Program aims at securing long term savings for low-income homeowners and renters by weatherizing their homes to reduce energy consumption, and thereby, reducing home utility bills.

PACE-10 Residential Program

Pace-10 Residential Program is a KUB funded grant program and a voluntary no-interest loan program to help low-income homeowners make lateral repairs. Applicants must meet income and other eligibility requirements.
Other programs under Housing and Energy Services include TN Lead Elimination Action Program; and CAAN - Community Action for Affordable Neighborhoods.

Applicants must meet income and other eligibility requirements for all of these services.

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